Founded in 2017, CompuGenius Programs was created to develop unique and helpful programs and games to fill a void in the computer world.

We started off creating simple programs in Python and eventually started creating breathtaking games in Unity.

Two years later in 2019, we were accepted into the Oculus Start program, which allows us to create quality virtual reality games and experiences to help and empower your personal and gaming life.

If you are interested in hiring us to improve your personal, business, or gaming life using programs, apps or games, please reach out and see what we can make for you.


We are currently working on a VR sci-fi shooter called Scifyre League.

    Our previous projects include

  • Golden Check, an app that allows you to interact with the Golden Check senior visits service.

  • For Kobe, an Android game made in memory of Kobe Bryant.

  • Big Game Boxes Generator, an app that generates boxes for the betting game Big Game Boxes.

  • Shulert, a mobile app that allows Jews to find places to pray.